Web API Development with Deno and Oak Framework

Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, while Oak is a middleware framework for Deno's http server.

Web API Development with Deno and Oak Framework is a book that introduces how to build Web API's in Deno, using the Oak framework.  It will cover HTTP and other fundamental technologies that makes Web API possible, it would also introduced TypeScript, which is a language that is native to Deno.

If you are looking at getting started with Web development with Deno, then you are the target audience of the book.

About the Author
Dade, is a full-stack developer with over a decade of experience building and maintaining highly available web applications across various industries. He also loves teaching and delivers technical workshops. He has also been consistently blogging on geekabyte.io where he explains various technical concepts he finds interesting.

For the past couple of years, he has developed a special interest in TypeScript. He runs PlanetTypeScript and he is the author and maintainer of ip-num, A TypeScript library for working with ASN, IPv4, and IPv6 numbers.

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