Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Started with Git...Introduction to the basic work flow

This is a very fluid and informal guide to some of the git commands you would come across with a relatively moderate level of frequency as you work with Git. It covers the basics of the git work flow.

And by the way, this is not a true life story...

So yes! First day at work! Congrats! You managed to pass through the technical assessments and various stages of interviews (you did a swell job selling yourself and how awesome you are innit?) Phew! Now it’s the time to come in and start doing all those stuffs you profess you can do! Yes!

After the round of introduction to other folks in the company and your co-developers, you are "introduced" to your work station: All set up nicely; with the right number of monitors just as you like it. Your favourite IDE is already installed too! Cool!

Your new company uses version control to manage collaborative development. Well if they don't am sure you won't be there wanting to work for them...right? Yes, right.

Done with all the introduction and already taken your seat. Your team-lead tells you to get comfortable and that you would be receiving instructions in your email in a couple of minutes regarding getting started, things to configure, account credentials blah blah, etc. etc.

And true to his words, in a couple of minutes your Github username and password arrives in your inbox accompanied by the repository URL you would be working with. Also with those came some additional jargon about common practices, style guides, team practices, schedules etc.

You take about 30 minutes to get acquainted with the new materials you have just received...

...done, cool stuffs in general but now It’s time to set up the project you would be working on!

Even though no one says it is, you feel this innocuous task of setting up your working machine, is somewhat of a test. And you can literally feel eyes behind your back watching to see how you would proceed. But before starting to hyper venting you do yourself a huge favour -- tell yourself  “c'mon, don’t be that paranoid”.

You take a deep breathe and quickly proceeded to doing what needs to be done.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

JProwork-0.1.0 now available as a Maven Artifact

JProwork, a Java Wrapper for Prowork's API is now available as a Maven Artifact.


The version 0.1.0 is the first official release and it supports all publicly available API from Prowork as at of this writing.

See the source for the release on github.

Roadmap and versioning 
Moving forward, the plan is to maintain JProwork in tandem with the evolution and changes in Prowork's API. The version format would be <major>.<minor>.<subminor> which, in this case, would translate to  <Prowork's API Version>.<Major Changes in Jprowork>.<Minor and Bugfixes>