Saturday, January 23, 2016

Exploring CQRS with Axon Framework: Overview of the Testing infrastructure

After a long break, I am finally getting around to picking up on the series: exploring CQRS with Axon Framwork. This post, which is on testing, is one of the two remaining posts left to wrap up the series. The aim is to follow it up, as quickly as possible, with the concluding post.

If you have not been following the series, I would advice to give the other posts a read before continuing with this post. You can start here: Exploring CQRS Architecture with Axon Framework: Introduction

As already mentioned, this post looks at the infrastructure the Axon Framework provides for testing. Just like the other posts in the series, it is accompanied by the exploringCQRSwithAxon project on Github. The Application is a trivial one, meant to further illustrates the content of the posts.