Saturday, October 14, 2006

Application of the Month: 1st JavaScript Editor Pro

My application of the month is 1st JavaScript Editor Pro.

For writing JavaScript, I can say this is the best editor I have ever used; it does the job perfect.

I find the interface well layed out, friendly and intuitive.

Its Intellisense functionality is the most comprehensive I have come across so far for JavaScript, and I find that really helpful.

On top of it, it comes with an exhaustive inbuilt reference for Jscript, XHTML, CSS and Ajax.

I wanted an editor that will make authoring JavaScript easy and that is exactly what I got.

Things I have pet peeves with would have to start wth the applications splash screen! O'boy, isn't it the most ugly splash screen ever seen? Its very unimpressive. So also it the company's website Its just ugly! Its hard to reconcile such a useful software is created by a company with such an unimpressive website. I looked under the hood of the site

I guess when its comes to graphics, and general design, dudes over there are really wanting.

Another thing is that it seems folks at Yaldex are quite supportive of non-standard web practice. Take a look at their site and part of the code snippets that comes with the software and you will agree with me.

Apart from these, peeves, its a cool tool for anybody doing serious work with JavaScript. You can go and get a trial version.

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