Monday, January 22, 2007

Workshop at EMDI

Thursday the 18th saw me at Akure, where I was invited to teach on web designing, alongside kazar, at a workshop organized by EMDI.

It was an eventful experience for me since that will be the first time I will be visiting Akure.

I talked on the history of HTML and how it evolved to XHTML and where CSS fits in the picture. I made mention of the need for standardization and why we have bodies like W3C.

I later introduced the class to the vocabulary of HTML explaining the concept of tagging letting them write tags using MSnotepad. And later I introduced them to Dreamweaver, their excitement was another factor that made the whole workshop a rewarding experience for me.

The workshop’s tight schedule didn’t allow me time away for some sight seeing and picture taking; something I would have love to do.

It was fun and I even got to learn some new nifty tricks I could do with Dreamweaver while preparing for the workshop.

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