Monday, May 21, 2007

Breezing Away With Miles Davis

For the past couple of days now, I have found myself listening to Miles Davis back to back. The dude so soulfully, jazzy and smooth. I have been silently wishing for more tracks of his; and well, you know what they say about the universe responding to your wishes? I just found out my new neighbor is also a big fan of Miles, and he just happily shared with me a trailer load of tracks: more like a discography!

Well, when music so soulful, you will always want more!

And for you folks who don't know who Miles Davis was, you can read up on him here


ednutey5 said...

Its nice to read this blog and see a side to our darling deppy - a side that is quite...interesting (you are free to take this as a compliment). Sincerely speaking, i believe what this country is desperately in dearth of is a plethora of revolutionary idealists and innovative societal renegades, who consistently inject life into the near-cadaver of our national systems. And i identify you as one of these...kudos.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I found little information on the biographies of Miles Davis. Maybe someone will be interesting.