Friday, June 29, 2007

My Account....Now Active

I finally got around to get my account active after leaving it dormant for quite a while.

I first got wind of on a blog somewhere and later when i saw the sharing widget integrated on yet another blog, my interest was piqued.

So now i have some of my files already uploaded and also have the sharing widget on this blog; you can't miss it, it is on the right side just below the 'About Me' section, right on top of the 'Links' section. Right now, you will only see a Jpeg file available to be shared. Its a design i did for a friend on her birthday.

With this i would now be able to share some of my interesting stuffs...Guess i can now even start thinking of doing some graphics designing tutorials too and make them available via the widget right here on geekabyte.

Just hearing about and wondering what it is? here are some interesting reads for you:

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Tolulope Morayo said...

hey Dadepo.

This is another great service you have called my attention to. I have just activated my account.