Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Presentation at WordCamp Nigeria 2010

I am pro wordpress but not the kind to consider the usage of any other content management system as sacrilegious. If I have to handle a project in say Joomla, Plone or Drupal I would gladly dig into it. In fact I have had some couple of dint with Drupal and I think it is very powerful, but all the same wordpress still remain my personal favourite.

And the reason is not farfetched. I personal find wordpress fun to work with, it is intuitive, it is simple yet powerful and it is easy to tweak, bend over, and extend.

And these were the exact things I talked about during my presentation at the first ever wordcamp that held in Lagos a couple of months back. Apart from introducing wordpress and the concept of wordpress being more than a blogging system, my talk also did a great deal in communicating the fact that wordpress is quite powerful, yet simple and a joy to work with.

Here is my presentation

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And if you are considering digging into wordpress, there is no other resource I can recommend than the official wordpress codex. It is an exhaustive resource, and a very handy reference. And it is just as simple to use: but then again am not surprised: it is wordpress!

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