Saturday, April 27, 2013

JProwork Ready to Go

JProwork is a Java wrapper for Prowork. 

Prowork itself is an intuitive project management app that makes team collaboration easy. It was launched 2011 at Start-up Weekend in Nigeria. It recently won the Apps4Africa 2012: Business Challenge. 

For more information, check: About Prowork and the team behind it and  How it works.

JProwork is then a Java wrapper for Prowork’s API. It encapsulates the API calls to Prowork and exposes Prowork’s entities as Java objects to the developer. 

As can be seen below:

It sure would make developing on Prowork faster with Java. 

JProwork has been a weekend project for a couple of weeks now and right now it is done as far as covering the existing Prowork's API is concerned. Just need to put some structure here and there regarding versioning before we can have a first official release. But in the meantime you can grab the Source code from Github and to give it a spin, compile the source, update your class-path as necessary and you should be ready to go:

Jprowork requires Gsona Java library that can be used to convert Java Objects into their JSON representation and also to convert a JSON string to an equivalent Java object.

Roadmap and versioning
Things left to do?

Have a proper versioning structure in place. I plan to go with the format of: <major>.<minor>.<subminor> which, in this case, would translate to  <Prowork's API Version>.<Major Changes in Jprowork>.<Minor and Bugfixes>

Mavenized JProwork and also have it available as Jar files.

Documentation is in the code. You can grab a copy of the documentation using Javadoc. A generated Javadoc is also included in the repository.

Do give it a spin ;)

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