Thursday, January 01, 2015

First Blogpost of 2015!

...and the first post of 2015 would be...all first posts of all previous new years since I started blogging!

How meta can that get ;)

So here we go, from 2006 till now!

2006: Thursday, September 14, 2006

The very first post on this blog. I wrote and pushed the publish button from a cyber cafe: Eldorado it was, Fajuyi Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University.

2007: FileSystemObject::Working With Drives And Folders

I just finished reading a book on JavaScript and the content of this post was borne out of an application I set out to build with my newly acquired super powers. It was a Customer Relationship Management application built in 100% client side, JavaScript.  It was to target Internet Explorer, which is not surprising, since back then, you most likely would easily find the kind of features you need to have a CRM in the browser only in IE. If I remember correctly the core lessons of this post came together while working from Tim Akinbo's room in Fajuyi Hall, while the post itself was written while in ODLT lecture theater.

2008: Lesson Learnt...

While a student in the University I worked as a web master. This post was from a day in the life of that dude. The Oga referred to, in that post was Olu Filani.

2009: Y i love Mozilla Firefox

The first line in that post is: ‘Am a die hard fan of Mozilla Firefox. LOL! How things change! Now I can't Imagine leaving Chrome to spend any considerable amount of time on Firefox. Firefox lost it somewhere and Chrome just found it!

I believe this post was published from the office of Wizard Solutions in Akure.

2010: Setting Up Code Completion on Komodo Edit for Google App Engine

This was from my time of playing with Python. The interesting thing here is that this post was written in December! First post of 2010 came through at the end of the year! You can blame this on AIESEC, an organization I was neck deep in back then. In 2010, I was the Vice President, Information Management of AIESEC in Nigeria. A national executive position, in charge of overseeing the operations of AIESEC in 17 universities across the country. That takes time, you wouldn't have space for blogging! :p

2011: The Love for Data is The Beginning of Wisdom

Same as 2010, and also for the same reason. The first post came through in December. This time around, I was part of the global team responsible for shepherding the activities of AIESEC across the 100+ countries AIESEC is in.

2012: Google: The Overrated Poster Child Of Innovative Tech Company?

This came in a little earlier: April. I was excited about the new Windows phone then: heck I just bought one. Fast forward to now, the position expressed in that post has changed...slightly!

2013: Now You Know What I Did Last Weekend: @redditJava

This was a recap of how I built the twitter bot that powers @redditJava and @redditprogrammin

2014: Effect of Setting setTimeout to 0 and Explanation of JavaScript's Single Threaded, Non Blocking I/O, Async Event Driven Model

A post which has turned out to be one of the most popular posts on this blog. Spotted it in the wild being referenced and also in a couple of StackOverflow answers!

2015: First Blog Post of 2015!

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