Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Video Courses? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Sometimes last week I got to learn that one of my blog posts inspired folks at Webucator to make a video tutorial.

The video, which is seen below, is about a feature in Spring MVC. it was inspired by the post Injecting and Binding Objects to Spring MVC Controllers

I recently published a series of post on introducing Servlet based web application development in Java. The original idea was supposed to have the topic covered in a single post, not a series, but as soon as I started writing, it became obvious that the topic at hand is too broad to fit into a single post.

This sort of realization is fast becoming the norm when considering blogging tutorials that relates to Java, as the landscape is quite extensive, having various moving parts that an attempt to write short, relatively beginner level tutorials is almost impossible.

With this video, I might have just been inspired to consider video courses, as those seem to provide the apt medium for covering the vast landscape that is Java software development.

...or maybe not? as making videos definitely requires a whole lot more time... time, the luxury I currently do not have much of. :)

We'll see..

...and oh, by the way the folks at Webucator do offer Java Fundamental courses... You might want to check them out.

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