Friday, October 02, 2015

Exploring Architectures

I would be spending some time in the next couple of days/weeks/months, exploring software architectures.

Software Architecture is obviously a very broad subject to contemplate. It could also be an ambiguous one. So I am going to exploit this ambiguity and broadness and limit my exploration only to activities which piques my interest (:p) meaning what my exploration will be mostly concerned with the development/deploying side of things (nothing on analysis, requirement engineering etc)

Why do this? Two main personal motivation.

There are a lot of buzz words and terminologies, and acronyms and what have you swirling around the activity of putting software together. From DDD to Layered Architecture, to Microservice architecture, to Command Query Responsibility Segregation, to Message Driven Architecture, to Reactive systems, get the point? And obviously there are overlaps in the concepts these words represents: therein lay the first motivation: To cut through all these ideas and get to the core of the know-how they represents when it comes to putting Software together.

Then there are the slew of libraries and frameworks that are supposed to help build software following these aforementioned ideas: From Akka, to AxonFramework, to RxJava, to Reactor, to Vertx: list is almost endless. (As you might have guessed my exploring of the topic will be heavily influenced by the tools available in the Java/JVM ecosystem)

Second motivation is then a logical follow up off the first one: applicability. Make sense of the plenitude of tools out there. Know when their usage is most appropriate and how they help in applying the various ideas around putting software systems together.

I am definitely curious to see the ideas and tools (libraries/frameworks) these exploration would lead me in contact/familiarity with...posts that falls into this category will be aptly tagged “Software Architecture”.

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