Sunday, March 23, 2014

Configuring Spring Series

Configuring stuff can be overwhelming when you first start off with Spring framework. You spend an awful amount of time wiring things up and configuring before you actually get to start writing business code to solve the problem you are faced with...

Want to start using SpringMVC? there is a configuration for setting this up. Spring Security? There is a configuration for that. Want to use AOP, then you need to know how to have this configured. Want to access a database? You have to first wire up the datasource, the adapter etc etc

This can feel just too much.

It would fast became obvious to anyone using Spring that in other to get productive, configuration is something that is needed to be sorted out and have nicely filed away in a easily retrievable mental model so as to avoid losing precious time fighting the configurations or falling into configuration mishaps that could be a drag on productivity.

The posts that would follow under a series I called configuring spring is my attempt to do just that. It would be series of posts that covers some of the basic configuration hoop I have needed to jump over before I could get to actual development. And since I have a terrible, horrible memory, these posts would be a place I can also easily run to, to look up how a particular configuration needs to be wired.

This post would serve as an index and would be updated as I add to the series.

Posts so far:

1. Configuring Beans in Spring Framework
2. Configuring Data Sources in Spring for Database Access
3. Configuring Hibernate in Spring
4. Configuring Hibernate JPA in Spring Framework
5. Configuring Spring MVC
6. Configuring Spring Data JPA
7. Configuring Aspects with Spring AOP

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