Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Personal

In the beginning, there was this blog. And it was largely a place where I ranted. Not just about technology but other stuff that life brings my way, which not surprisingly, was mostly about technology…it also doubled up as some sort of journal.

But somehow somewhere down the line, it stopped being an avenue for expression: a place to capture my thoughts. Somehow somewhere, my writings morphed into mostly technical, tutorial like posts.

For instance, looking at all the post in 2013, they were all technical related, except the April 30, 2013 post which was supposed to be an attempt to add some personal touch by doing monthly recaps. That did not go very far.

Why was this? Pondering on it for a while, it hit me. It was because of the inroad of social networking sites into my everyday life: because I was spreading myself too thin all over Facebook and Twitter, sharing everything that was on my mind as status updates, sharing everything on my mind as comments to other peoples posts. Liking pictures, re-sharing links etc...

Twitter also, was the perfect place to let out burst of thoughts and emotions that should or could have coagulated into well formed posts...

But I am fed up. Fed up with all these social networking sites. Especially Facebook. I have long realised that it was having detrimental effects on my productivity and emotional well being…I am also fed up with the forced terseness of 140 characters that Twitter imposes. If I want to express myself, I want the liberty of being able to do this with as many words I deem fit.

And as such…I am going, going, going...back...back, to blogging blogging (in Biggie smalls voice)…not that I actually stopped blogging, but I am going back to having my blog as my primary avenue for capturing my thoughts.

I am avoiding Facebook by all means now. I still keep using twitter though, but majorly as a source of discovery for things around my area of professional interests, and once in a while, a place to engage in ephemerial and disjointed rants. If I have something on my mind I really feel the need to share or capture, I write a coherent post instead. No, sorry: fusilade of tweets is no longer for me.

It is time to get back to blogging and get personal here again.

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